Our Buying Guide

Our Buying Guides
Bracelet Size Charts
To find the right fit for your bracelet or bangle, please follow the guide below.

Measure Bangles
  • Bangle size is determined by the size of your hand and not your wrist.
  • To check your bangle size, fold your thumb into the palm of your hand and measure the circumference, all around the knuckles of your hand.
  • Compare that measurement to the chart below.
bangle size how to measure
bangle sizes chart
bracelet size how to measure
Measure Bracelets
  • Measure your wrist circumference of the wrist with a flexible tape measure or a thin strip of paper above the wrist bone (towards the elbow).
  • Compare your measurement with the chart to determine your Bracelet size.
  • We design our sizes to fit comfortably on your wrists and should you prefer a looser fit, always choose one size bigger.
BRACELETS CHART FOR WOMEN bracelet sizes for women chart
BRACELETS CHART FOR MEN bracelet sizes for men chart