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Chinoiserie Blu is our vision of the romance of the East and West, an interaction between Chinese imagery and Western aesthetics. Our unique designs and elegant jewellery vividly reveal artistry beyond their stylistic references.

Creating a niche for affordable and accessible jewellery, every collection is produced with passion by our designers and by expert craftsmen, aligned to our goal of supporting the local industry to preserve tradition.

Chinoiserie Blu jewellery expresses your individuality for everyday wear or a special occasion. We also offer customization for your own preferred designs and as a thoughtful personalized gift for someone you treasure.

With a full-fledged workshop equipped for 3D-prototype and finished jewellery, as well as a design studio for digital support of jewellery design and drawings, Chinoiserie Blu jewellery is yielded from the pairing of artisanal skill and current technological know-how.
the-peranakan-fashion-baba-nyonya-and-kebayaPeranakans are people of mixed Chinese and Malay/Indonesian heritage with a vibrant and rich culture. Also known as Babas (males) and Nonyas (females), they have created a unique lifestyle with their distinctive cuisine, dressing, furniture, homes, customs and traditions through the generations. This rich legacy continues to thrive here in Singapore and elsewhere in Malacca and Penang.

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Peranakan (Straits Chinese) community
pairs-of-rooster-chinese-wedding With a rich and deep heritage and culture dating some 5,000 years, the Chinese have long fascinated the world with its fascinating civilization. Throughout history, from its arts and sciences, authors and painters, philosophers and intellects to architecture, fashion  and cuisine, the Chinese continue to impress the world. From flora and fauna like the lotus and bamboo, Chinese lattice to Chinese zodiac signs, these signature Chinese elements inspired our variety of jewellery collections.
ancient-blue-and-white-porcelain-plateDerived from the French word Chinois, meaning "Chinese", Chinoiserie is an eloquent style of “East-meets-West” influences, characterized by intricate patterns and a prevalent use of Chinese motifs. Widely popular in 18th century Europe, Chinoiserie inspired the European interpretation and adaption of Chinese and Asian artistic traditions and designs from paintings, Chinese porcelain, decorative arts, architecture to fashion and the arts. Today, the Chinoiserie style remains a signature trend as modern design elements, techniques and creativity converge.