Sterling Silver Chinese Rose Earrings with Studs

  • Sterling Silver Chinese Rose Earrings with Studs

Chinese Rose Earrings with Studs

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Add on these lovely and comfortable Chinese Rose Sterling Silver Earrings with Studs for a total look from the Chinese Rose collection, each piece matching the other in its own flair.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver with Fine China Porcelain
Weight: 6.94 gram
Dimension: 25.00 mm x 25.00 mm x 1.00 mm (WxHxD)

Product Code: CBLU-CR-ER-112CCS

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Rosa chinensis (Chinese月季, pinyin: yuèjì), known commonly as the China rose[2] or Chinese rose,[3] is a member of the genus Rosa native to Southwest China in GuizhouHubei, and Sichuan Provinces. The species is extensively cultivated as an ornamental plant, originally in China, and numerous cultivars have been selected which are known as the China roses. It has also been extensively interbred with Rosa gigantea to produce Rosa × odorata, and by further hybridization the tea roses and hybrid tea roses.

It is a shrub growing to 1–2 m tall. The leaves are pinnate, have 3-5 leaflets, each leaflet 2.5–6 cm long and 1–3 cm broad. In the wild species (sometimes listed as Rosa chinensis var. spontanea), the flowers have five pink to red petals. The fruit is a red hip 1–2 cm diameter.

Definition of Rosa Chinensis / Chinese Rose in Wikipedia

Name Chinese Rose Earrings with Studs
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